Day in London & Meeting Bethany Mota

Hey Girlies,

On 30th June, I traveled to London for the day to attend Bethany Mota’s meet and greet at the YouTube space.

I left the house at 1:30pm and got into Paddington station at 5:02pm.

I then got on the tube to Kings cross which is probably my favorite area in London. If you ever get the chance to go you definitely should, i went in the day time but it is even more amazing at night time. While i was there i got to go inside the google headquarters as the YouTube space is attached to it. It took my breath away, it had the most amazing interiors i had ever seen.

After asking a member of staff where the event was, i decided to have a look in the famous YouTube creator store which is filled which anything and everything YouTube related, there were so many things i wanted to buy but i just bought Bethany’s book as that day they were selling books that she had signed.

When i had finished having a look round i walked to the queue to get into the event, while i was in the queue i met some super friendly young ladies and it made the time go a lot quicker. We ended up sitting together during the event, took a selfie together and followed each other on social media.

The YouTube space had been decorated for the event and they had set up the cutest displays of food and drinks which we were free to help ourselves to whatever we wanted. On this giant video board they were playing loads of Bethany’s videos and at the front of the room there was the stage area which had two director style chairs which said YouTube on them.

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At 7pm, the host of the event walked up to the staff and introduced herself and then welcomed Bethany to the stage. When she walked out , everyone was clapping and cheering. She was wearing a black bodysuit, black jeans and nude heels. During the whole event she was smiley and very sweet. First the host asked Bethany some questions and then she let the audience ask Bethany some questions. The topics of the questions included the Pretty Little Liars finale, Miranda Sings and Dancing with the stars. Once the q&a had finished, the host thanked us for coming and said what would happen during the next section of the event.

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The next section of the event was the meet & greet, everyone rushed to get into the queue but i had loads of time until my train home so i decided to check out the food displays with a girl called Laila i met in the queue outside. We were one of the last people who met Bethany which actually ended up working out in our favor as we got to spend more time with her.

After being a huge fan of Bethany’s since 2009, the moment finally came when i got to meet her and take a photo with her. She was one of the nicest people i have ever met, she said she liked my glasses. The camera man did not know how to use my camera and so i ended up with several really random two second videos until Bethany and the lady stood next to him helped him out and eventually the photo below was taken. This photo makes me smile whenever i see it. I was worried as i was so excited to see her that i was going to look awful in it so i was pleasantly surprised when i looked nice in the photo. After this was taken me and Bethany hugged and then i went back to my seat to wait for Laila as it was her go after mine. When Bethany was about to leave we went and said goodbye to her and she thanked us for coming and said goodbye as she walked past us and out of the area the event was held in.

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Once it ended, me and Laila grabbed some free snacks and drinks for our journeys home. She walked to the Kings cross tube station and she showed me where to go and once my train arrived we hugged and said goodbye. I ended up having to wait over an hour from my train at Paddington train station so i went into Costa to grab something more filling to eat and to charge my phone. The train eventually arrived and i ended up getting home at 1:43am.

I hope you enjoyed getting more of an insight into my life, it was so much fun to write and share with you. Let me know if you like this type of post and if you would like more in the future.

Love Ella xxx


Pink isn’t just a colour, it’s an attitude!

Hey Girlies,

As a lover of anything pink, you can imagine my excitement when i found out that 23rd June was National pink day and so because i wasn’t able to celebrate yesterday as i was super busy, i am writing a post about it today.


18th Century

It was made famous when a picture was painted of Marie Antoinette wearing a pink dress which led to the colour being worn by people who were in the royal courts.

Marie Antoinette was rocking that pink back in the day like a boss. See how attitudes towards pink have changed over the years at the myWebRoom Blog!

20th Century

During this time, celebrities and designers really embraced the colour. Marilyn Monroe wore a pink dress and elbow length gloves in her film “Gentlemen prefer blondes”.

Image result for marilyn monroe diamonds are a girl's best friend dress

The first designer to feature pink as the inspiration for her collection was Elsa Schiaparelli in 1937, she labeled it shocking pink.

21st Century

Flash forward to 2015 when Chanel featured it as part of their spring collection.

Related image


Luxury items

  1.   Lady Dior Bag – powder pink lambskin (£2,500) Related image
  2.  Garavani rockstud leather pumps – Valentino (£650) 
  3.  Pink glow double-breasted trench coat – Ralph Lauren (£180) Related image
  4.  Laguna pink Cable-knit v-neck sweater – Ralph Lauren (£109)

Image result for laguna pink ralph lauren


Affordable items

Pink stone tassel earrings – Miss Selfridges (£8)Pink Stone Tassel Earring

Light pink frill sleeve tie back v neck top – River island (£28)

Light pink frill sleeve tie back V neck top

Pink floral bardot skater dress – miss selfridges (£28)

Pink Floral Bardot Skater Dress

Powder pink backpack – H&M (£17.99)

Backpack - Powder pink - Ladies | H&M GBLove Ella xxx



All about: Lilly Pulitzer

Hey girlies,

This blog is going to be all about my love for Lilly Pulitzer and the preppy lifestyle.

I have been a HUGE fan of Lilly Pulitzer for a long time but because i live in the UK it is extremely difficult to purchase Lilly items due to there being no stores here. So i end up having to purchase items on eBay. etsy and depop and even then it’s usually not the right size.

I am determined to make Lilly Pulitzer more popular in the UK as  it would be nice to see something different in a crowd full of Top-shop wearing Kim kardashian lookalikes.


At 21 years old, an american socialite named Lilly married a man named Herbert (Peter) Pulitzer, the couple then moved from New York City to Palm Beach(Florida) and had three children : Minnie, Peter and Liza. Lilly decided she wanted to have her own business which she could run from home so she set up her own juice stand just off of the famous Worth Avenue with juice made from the oranges in the land her husband owned. When she noticed the juice was staining her clothes she made a sleeveless dress out of colorful printed fabric which would help disguise the stains. When the dresses she was wearing got more attention than the juice she was selling, she decided to switch to selling dresses instead. Her dresses were worn by nearly every lady on palm beach to any occasion they were attending.

Image result for jackie o wearing lilly pulitzer

Lilly’s dresses made headlines when photos were released of the future first lady Jacqueline Kennedy (who went to school with Lilly) wearing a Lilly shift dress while on holiday with her family.

After this, Lilly decided to open clothing stores in locations where her friends lived.

In 1969, Lilly and her husband Herbert (also know as peter) got divorced and later that year she married Enrique. She was married to him until he passed away in 1993 from Cancer.

In 1989, Lilly shut down the entire Lilly Pulitzer organisation. In 1993 a company called Sugartown Worldwide Inc. decided they wanted to buy the brand as their mums and sisters loved it. They invited Lilly to continue to be part of the brand as a creative consultant.

In 2010, Lilly Pulitzer launched a bridal collection.

Lilly Pulitzer passed away at the age of 81 on 7th April 2013 in Palm beach, Florida.

Image result for lilly pulitzer age 81

The Lilly Pulitzer brand currently have 75 signature stores all across the US and is sold in big department stores. They also have done collaborations with Starbucks & Target. They also have written  several books about the Lilly lifestyle.

Image result for lilly pulitzer age 81

Love from Ella xxx